Anthony Leone Media

Graphic Design Gallery

Here is a selection of my work in graphic design. Album art, posters, logos, labels,

photo retouching and manipulation. For business, art and fun.

Label designs for bakery, 2014:

Logo design, creation and web art for specialty makeup company, 2014:


Todman Center logo, NYU. Created in 2002 and still in use. Designed for ease of printing and stenciling. The curve represents the stage's cyclorama:

My music services logo: 2009 - present. For web, cards, CDs etc.

Banner image for this website and my Twitter page, 2014. Meant to illustrate my twin passions of film production and music.

Movie poster, NYU, 2002. Ensemble comedy featuring a shower as a key story point.

Business card for a jewelry designer, 2000. blurred for privacy.

Title design, 2014.

Head Island. Web site, 2014.


Band logos and CD art, 1998 and 2000


Photo retouching, before and after. Click images to see full size in new window:

More examples. image blurred for client privacy(used with permission)

Retouched photo for makeup demo. Makeup itself left untouched:

Colorized Lincoln, 2013.

To see this image in a short animated 3D test with displacement mapping, click here

Movie poster parodies, 2008:


Assorted face replacements, humor and pure vanity:


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